2022 2nd International Conference on Energy Engineering and Power Systems(EEPS 2022)
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200200.jpg Best Paper Award | 最佳论文奖


  • 1. The first author of the paper registered. 注册文章第一作者

  • 2. Oral Presentation Type. 做口头报告的演讲形式

  • 3. The winners will be selected by the Program Committee. 最佳论文奖将由程序委员会综合评选


200200.jpgExcellent Oral Presentation Award | 最佳口头报告奖

  • For every session, one best oral presentation will be selected by session chairs according to the originality, applicability, Technical Merit, PPT and English.

  • 每个session中将由分会主席根据报告及文章的创意,适用性,技术优势,PPT,英文来选出本场最佳口头报告。